Reiki NZ Inc

Reiki NZ Inc. was formed in 1994 by a group of like-minded Reiki Master Teachers.

It was created to be an affiliate of the newly formed New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners, this being the umbrella organisation for all forms of natural health modalities in New Zealand.

Reiki New Zealand Incorporated was established within the guidelines of The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc., to represent practitioners of all lineages and at each of the three levels of Reiki.

Our organisation was among the first original signatories of the founding Charter document that has become part of our history and heritage.

In 1996 our minimum standards were accepted and ratified by our peers, the Self Regulating Governing Council of the Charter.  The minimum standards for levels One & Two were revised and ratified at the Reiki NZ Inc. AGM in 2009.

These standards are applicable to all past, present and future members wishing to become or to remain accredited.

At the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc AGM 30 June 2012, an official name change to the Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand was announced

Rules of Practice

Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

To promote the awareness of Reiki and its benefits through education, demonstrations and publications.

To support all Reiki NZ Inc. members to pursue their paths of Reiki both as a healing art and a professional practice.

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