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Reiki practitioners of all levels whose lineage is traceable back to the founder Mikao Usui, are welcome to apply for membership of Reiki NZ Inc. Please click here to apply online.

When applying for membership online please upload your most up to date certificate and a copy of your Reiki lineage. If you have been taught by a teacher who does not live in Aotearoa New Zealand please discuss your application with our membership secretary beforehand at

The annual membership fee runs from 1 April to 31 March and includes one year’s subscription to The Reiki News and being listed in the Directory on our website if you are Reiki 2 and above. Membership also offers discounts to Reiki NZ Inc. events including the conference. Joint membership is available for two people, this membership includes one copy of The Reiki News. There is a subsidised rate for Level 1 students.

Concession membership is available if you are over 65 but does not include a Directory listing on our website. If you are still teaching or practicing you may prefer to continue your full membership. Concession membership must be applied for by contacting our membership secretary on

Please keep scrolling for the membership rates, concessions and conditions.

Reiki NZ Inc. incorporated in 1995, helps keep the Reiki Community in Aotearoa New Zealand in touch with each other through its publication The Reiki News and by organising regular Reiki events, workshops and on-going training.

Reiki NZ Inc. is the only professional body for Reiki Teachers and Practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand. We have hundreds of members nationwide. Click on this link to download the 10 Valuable Benefits of why you should become a member.

Membership application

Annual Membership Subscription Fee from 1 April to 31 March:

The Level 2 and above* full annual membership subscription fee is $90

The Joint Membership annual membership subscription fee is $135

The Overseas Membership annual membership subscription fee is $100

The Reiki News ** annual subscription fee with no membership is $30

The Level 1 *** annual membership subscription fee is $30

The Over 65 Concession Membership **** annual membership subscription fee is $40

Please note: Presently, due to the EU Privacy Laws, Reiki NZ Inc does not accept membership from European Citizens.

You can pay by internet banking to Reiki NZ Inc.

Westpac Bank Account 03-0173-0313953-00.
Please reference your name and ‘New Member’.

If you are paying partway through the year, please check the ‘On-line’ membership for the current pro-rata fee.

People can also pay by Credit Card via Stripe. If you are paying by Credit Card, please have your credit card details with you at the time of application. Please note that this payment automatically renews each year unless you indicate that you do not want this option.

If you wish to apply directly to the membership secretary:

Please fill out the manual membership application form click this link to download the Membership Application Form then email it to the membership secretary at Once your application has been approved you will be invited to make a direct bank payment. For all new membership applications, please attach copies of all your Reiki certificates, a copy of your Reiki lineage and signed copies of the Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice forms.

For questions about the Membership Application Forms or the Membership Renewal Process, please email the membership secretary at:

*         We do not accept online, mail order, DVD, or other distant Reiki training, or Reiki distance attunements for membership with Reiki NZ Inc.

**       The Reiki News subscription receives four Reiki News and Advertisement Flyers.

***    This membership is for those trained to Reiki Level 1.  The benefit of this membership is one year’s subscription to The Reiki News, email updates and discounts to events run by Reiki NZ Inc.

***** The Concession Membership is for those over 65 years of age. You will need to apply on an individual basis for this membership. The concessionary rate does not include a Directory listing on our website.

In accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020, we advise that by applying for membership you agree to our retaining the details you have entered for use by Reiki NZ Incorporated in accordance with its rules.

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