President’s Update

Reiki NZ Inc. – President’s Update

Winter 2021 Report from our President Michele Gunns

Greetings everyone – and to our newest members (of which there are quite a number) I extend a special welcome to Reiki NZ Inc. I feel certain that belonging to our wonderful organisation and receiving the Reiki News magazine will bring you joy, as well as several hours of happy reading. For many of us, receiving our quarterly copy of the Reiki News is something we have come to expect and enjoy.

Speaking of joy, I recently had the pleasure of exploring the West Coast, from Kawhia to Raglan and spending four days at a little-known picturesque spot called “Aotea Harbour”. The drive down was the perfect opportunity to take time out to enjoy the amazing colours of Autumn.

Whilst witnessing wonderful sunsets and walking the black-sand beach with Neo the dog (who, I might add, loved every moment of freedom and all the new smells), I reflected on the year to date and gave gratitude for having Reiki in my life.

This led me to thinking of the Reiki symbols that I use daily and their meaning, particularly the level two symbols which together can represent ‘harmony’. Here I was, surrounded by the wonders of nature and in total harmony with this and with my life.

Since returning home, there have been many more beautiful sunsets and this evening we witnessed the special event of a blood moon.

We are so fortunate to be living in New Zealand, spared from much of the violence and turmoil prevalent in other countries and able to enjoy what nature offers on a daily basis.

In August we will have our AGM and Committee Elections, bringing with it the opportunity to elect new committee members as three of our longstanding, hard-working members step down to follow other interests.

I would like to ask you to consider joining either the committee or a subcommittee, as it will not be long before we start planning the 2022 biennial conference.

Whilst we have booked the venue, there is still much to do and ‘many hands make light work’. Supporting your committee is a great way to meet more people within the Reiki community. Perhaps just have a think about it?

May you always be aware of the love that flows to you and allow it to guide every moment of your life.

Love and blessings,

Michele Gunns





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