President’s Update

Reiki NZ Inc. – Chairperson’s Update

Summer 2024


Hello and welcome
Kia ora, nau mai

2024 has kicked off to a good start, with nice weather for those holidaying, mixed with some
rain which is great for our gardens. 2024 is an ‘8’ year in numerology, a powerful number
which represents “abundance, balance and success”. May this be a good year for us all.

Here at Reiki NZ it is gearing up to be another year when we share an abundance of
ongoing learning and increased knowledge, with our biennial conference in late August and
early September in Auckland. Immediately following this, Frank Arjava Petter will hold levels
1-3 Jikiden Reiki classes on the North Shore. Plus, I’ve heard whispers of one or two other
small events being considered. Where possible, we will try to balance these events
throughout the year. Be sure to watch your Reiki News magazine and the Reiki NZ Inc
Facebook page for further details.

Although we all did our best to take a break over the holiday period, the Reiki NZ Board
continues to work away behind the scenes, on things such as: improvements to our website
and linking this to our accounting package; the Reiki News; Standards of Practise; making
the necessary changes required to comply with new government policy on Incorporated
Societies legislation, which comes into effect in November this year. All of which take
considerable time and energy from our small group of volunteers on the Board.

“Attract what you expect
Reflect what you desire
Become what you respect
Mirror what you admire”
– unknown

On behalf of the Reiki NZ Board, I wish you all a year of abundance and success.

Reiki Blessings to you all

Michele Gunns

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