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Reiki NZ Inc. – Chairperson’s Update

Spring 2021 Report from our Chairperson, Michele Gunns

Greetings to you all. I can’t believe that it has been three months since I last wrote.

It’s an overcast, windless day here in Auckland and we are one whole week into our level 4 Lockdown for the newer Covid-19 variant.

I don’t mind lockdown, in as far as being able to get all those jobs done that I was going to get around to ‘when I had time’.

However, now that I have the time, my problem is that I haven’t been able to find the motivation to write. I have been preferring to potter in the garden while the weather remains favourable.

I can’t help thinking how wonderful it would be if we went to level 3 for the first day of spring, September 1st. Time will tell.

In August we held the 2021 AGM once again via Zoom. Whilst attendance was low, we were able to pass several remits.

One of these was the change of names from RNZ Committee to RNZ Board, and from President to Chairperson.

At the AGM we also said farewell to several longstanding, dedicated committee members: Danielle Mahoney, Lynn Pollard, Farah Kothare and Derek Hillen – all of whom have contributed significantly to the success of the committee over the years.

I wish them all well for the future.

In turn, we welcomed our three new Board members: Daphne Latzelberger, Amiee Mortimer and Amanda Cowlrick.

As well as organizing the 2022 RNZI Conference, to be held at Sorrento in the Park in Auckland, the new Board will be tasked with several larger projects this year.

These projects will require the setting up of subcommittees, each to be headed by a Board member. Details of these will be put up on to the website in due course.

If you interested in being involved, please let me know via email to:

A year ago today, during level 3 Lockdown, Neo arrived on my doorstep via a contactless handover, a furry bundle who was 8 weeks old and looked very confused. This Friday, he leaves me via contactless handover for the next and final phase in his training.

It will cause feelings of sadness, but I am also very proud of the beautiful dog he is, how far he has come and that he is going on to be a guide dog for someone without vision.

Reiki blessings to you all, and keep safe.

Michele Gunns





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