President’s Update

Reiki NZ Inc. – President’s Update

Autumn 2021 Report from our President Michele Gunns

Welcome to our website especially if you are new to Reiki NZ Inc.

In the last quarter we have had a significant increase in the number of new members and inquiries from those wishing to learn Reiki.  Hence, I would like to thank all of the Area Reps who do a fantastic job of spreading the word and sharing Reiki in the regions, and also to the Committee for their ongoing commitment and support.

“No One of us

is as good as All of us”

As the days grow shorter, the colours of the leaves start to turn, our daily temperatures drop, and one begins to prepare for the cooler months of winter.  This preparation often differs depending on where you live in New Zealand. Whether you need to order a load of firewood, prepare the garden for winter, or perhaps even put in some winter vegetables. All in all, it can be a busy time as well as an opportunity for reflection on the energy of life and its impact on all living things, which of course includes Reiki. 

We all know the meaning of the word Reiki:

Rei (universal, boundless)

Ki (spiritual, life force energy)

Finding this out is an amazing gift we receive at the beginning of our Reiki journey when we are attuned or ignited. 

We perhaps remember the changes that this brought about in our lives and the lives of the people we met, made friends with, or became soul sisters or brothers with.

The very fact that we can use the wonderful healing energy of Reiki in every part of our lives including our gardens and our food is inspiring.

When we stop and take the time to think about how Reiki has impacted on us and the lives of those around us, it is wonderful. We realise how much we have grown and can acknowledge the abundance of what we now freely receive, in many different forms.

So just for today, I urge you to take time to think back to when Reiki first came into your life, the difference it has made, and to be truly grateful.

 Love and blessings to every one of you,

Michele Gunns




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