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Reiki NZ Inc. – Chairperson’s Update

Spring 2022/23 Report from our Chairperson, Michele Gunns

I am writing my report, having just returned from the Reiki New Zealand 2022 Conference in Rotorua.

It was truly a great success and again I offer sincere thanks to the organising committee for their hours of input to ensure that everything went very well. A stunning effort.

It was also the 100th anniversary of Usui Reiki Ryoho, which we celebrated with a huge birthday cake on the Saturday. This celebration was made even more special by having Bobbe Free attend. Bobbe is not only a founding member of Reiki NZ, but she was the first resident Reiki teacher in New Zealand.

What a wonderful weekend! The speakers were excellent in their presentations, the content was perfect as was their engagement with all attendees – which isn’t always easy, when you are presenting via a Zoom link from the other side of the world late in the evening.

Their passion came through, as did their humour and they encouraged lots of questions.

The trade tables covered a wide variety of products as is usual and were well supported during the weekend.  I think I can say that all attendees both actual and virtual gained a lot and felt really charged up as they headed home on Sunday.

On the Monday following the Conference, the Reiki NZ Inc Board stayed on for a planning day. This was the first time in four years that we were able to meet in person. Our goal was to develop a five-year plan that will not only continue to provide community support and knowledge in a nurturing way, but also increase Reiki awareness through improved systems, social media and other publications, to mention just a few of our ideas.

We are presently looking to appoint more Regional Reps as there are a few vacancies. Our aim is to involve the Regional Reps more. All of this makes for an exciting future as we continue to grow our membership and spread our wings.

With the recent storms and floods across the country, sadly a number of our members have been affected by damage to their properties. We send our love and healing to you all.  

My garden and the area I live in are showing signs of spring. The Tuis are out in full force, feeding and singing in the various blossom trees. Roll on summer and some dryer weather!

 I close by thanking all our members for sharing Reiki to the wider community by word of mouth, by sharing the magazine or holding Reiki shares.

In love and in light,

Reiki blessings to you all,

Michele Gunns


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