The Committee

The Executive Committee

For the current 2019/20 year are:

Mick Sharpe

Lynn Pollard

Committee Member:
Danielle Mahoney

Committee Member
Farah Kothare

Committee Member
Michele Gunns

Jacquie Sharpe

Reiki News Editor:
Mary Hambly

Committee Member:
Derek Hillen

Committee Member:
Annette Hobby

Professional Development:
Danielle Mahoney

Non-Committee/ Co-opted members:

Professional Development:
Reiko Yanai

Coromandel Representative:
Ester Bassett

Bay of Plenty Representative:

Central North Island Representative:
Sarah Deeks

Canterbury Representative:
Annette Hobby

Southland Representative:

Simon Greig

Facebook Managers:
Sarah Deeks and Lyn Herriot

Waikato Representative:
Caterina Findsen

Taupo Representative:

Karen Owen

Wellington Representative:

Lyn Herriot

Otago Representative:

Mary Hambly

Auckland Representative:

Michele Gunns

Non-Committee Members Wanted

Being a Committee Member is immensely rewarding. We are a tight group of friends who absolutely love Reiki…we have lots of Reiki fun together and you will gain the invaluable experience as well as the lovely Reiki friends you will meet at Reiki events.

It will also add hugely to your own Reiki practice too, as we deal with all aspects of the practice and you get to participate in great discussions on hot topics you otherwise don’t get to hear very often.

If you are interested in helping out on the Committee for Reiki NZ Inc as a Non-Committee Member, please contact the Secretary at:

Thank you

Mick Sharpe
President, RNZI

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