The Board

The Executive Board

For the current year are:

Michele Gunns

Mary Hambly

Sarah Deeks

Amiee Mortimer

Membership Secretary
Annette Hobby



Professional Development and Events:
Angelika Klotz

Database Manager and Website Development:
Amanda Cowlrick

Insurance Manager:
Simon Greig

Regional Reps Co-ordinator and Minutes Secretary:

Cath Lupton

Co-opted Board Members:

Jo Dell

Nicola Lincoln

Non-Board/ Co-opted members:

Northland Representative:

Lori Satterthwaite

Auckland – North Shore Representative:

Lori Satterthwaite

Coromandel Representative:


Bay of Plenty Representative:


Taupo Representative:

Karen Owen (acting)

Waikato Representative:

Caterina Findsen

Taranaki Representative:

Vicky Chesswas

Hawke’s Bay Representative:

Kelly Whitewood

Manawatu Representative:

Gina Prendergast

Wellington Representative:


Nelson Representative:

Shireen Drew

Canterbury Representative:

Annette Hobby

Otago Representative:

Mia Watkins

Southland Representative:

Simon Grieg

West Coast Representative

Claire Insley


Editor Reiki News:

Caterina and Brian Findsen

Sub-Editor Reiki News:

Lori Satterthwaite

Social Media Manager:

Carina Hodzelmans

Products Manager:

Carina Hodzelmans


Rachael Mooney



Volunteers Wanted

Being a Board Member and assisting in a Non-Board role is immensely rewarding. It is a way to use your Reiki knowledge and skills to support our Reiki community and encourage new members. We are always looking for people with good administration, database and financial abilities as well as helpers in areas not covered by our Area Representatives such as Wellington, Auckland City, Bay of Plenty and East Cape regions are currently vacant. Working with a national organisation is an honour that takes you beyond teaching and practising Reiki to sharing it with our members and the general public across the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you are interested in helping out on the Board for Reiki NZ Inc. as a Non-Board Member or helping with our Conference in 2024, please contact the Secretary at:

Thank you.

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