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There are many Reiki teachers in New Zealand.

Depending on the teacher, there are three or four main levels of teaching in Traditional/Usui Reiki (the most commonly practiced, original form of Reiki), each with its prescribed course requirements.  The content of each level of training has minimum standards which have been accepted by the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (NHPNZ), enabling Reiki to be validated as a Natural Health practice.

A copy of the minimum standards for Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 can be obtained from us.

Level 1 Reiki can be learnt by anyone regardless of their intellectual or physical abilities.  This is an introductory course which enables a student to perform self-Reiki and give Reiki to family and friends. It is a wonderful tool for mindfulness and personal growth. Reiki NZ Inc. recommends 12 hours training time for Level 1.  Many teachers teach the class over a weekend, but some teachers do one-on-one training and teach the course over several sessions to fit in with your schedule.

The fees vary from teacher to teacher, but generally the cost will be between $150-$300 depending on the number of students in the class. A comprehensive manual, and on completion, a certificate will be provided.

To find a teacher, look for a person who is fully trained up to the Master/Teacher level, and whose personality and integrity fit best with your requirements. Ask around your own district for people who have completed at least the Level 1 training. Listen to their comments, and when you contact a potential teacher, ask questions and maybe have a meeting before you sign up.  You may wish to compare as many teachers as possible to assess the differences. In some situations you may feel some instant connection to a teacher and intuitively decide to go with them.


Reiki NZ Inc. DOES NOT recommend Reiki training packages that teach Levels 1, 2 (and 3) together.

Reiki NZ Inc. only endorses approved online training by its members.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:


Q.  Do you teach according to the Traditional/Usui system?
Q.  Is your lineage traceable back to Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki)?
Q.  How many hours are needed to complete the Level 1 training?
Q.  Do you teach in-person or online?
Q.  How much do you charge for the Level 1 course?
Q.  How many students do you teach at a time?
Q.  Do you teach all levels of Reiki?
Q.  How long do I have to wait before taking the Level 2 course?
Q.  Are you a member of Reiki NZ Inc.? Do you teach to their minimum standards?

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