Welcome to Reiki New Zealand

Firstly, a warm welcome into the Reiki NZ Inc family and thank you for your membership application. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

As a new member you must provide a copy of your Reiki Certificates to the Secretary at the address below before the application can be approved. If you have not already done so, will you please either post copies of your Reiki Certificates to the address below, or scan your certificates and email them to: sec@reiki.org.nz  we will then respond to you as soon as possible.

Please note that your application cannot be approved until this documentation is received.

If you are a practitioner, you must sign and display the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice in your practice room.  The Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice can be downloaded from our website.

Please be aware that the administrative tasks involved in the running of Reiki NZ Inc. are undertaken by volunteers who also hold full-time jobs. All requests are attended to as quickly as is possible.

Thank you for your patience and be assured you will be responded to promptly.

Kind regards,

Sarah Deeks

The Secretary Reiki NZ Inc.

Email: sec@reiki.org.nz

Web:  www.reiki.org.nz

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