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Membership of Reiki New Zealand Inc.

Reik Teachers and Practitioners of all lineages and degrees are invited to become members of Reiki NZ Inc. We do not accept online, mail order, DVD, other distant Reiki training or distance attunements for membership with the organisation unless your teacher is an approved online teacher and member of Reiki NZ. As part of your membership application please upload your training certificates and email your Reiki lineage to Once you have applied for membership, your application will be checked and approved by our membership team.

Membership of Reiki NZ Inc. enables the Reiki community to keep in touch with each other and to learn and grow together through The Reiki News magazine, and regular face-to-face and online Reiki events, workshops and on-going training.

As a condition of membership you agree to follow our Rules of Practice RulesofPractice and Code of Ethics CodeofEthics. Reiki NZ Inc. has adopted recommended teaching standards and guidelines for working with children. These are available to members under Members’ Resources.


10 Valuable Benefits of why you should be a Member of Reiki New Zealand Inc.


Reiki NZ Inc. affiliated to the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (NHPNZ), is the only professional body for Reiki Teachers and Practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand.


You can be a part of a vibrant, growing Reiki community.  We have hundreds of members nationwide and the number of members is increasing each year.  Joining helps you to stay in touch and get the news about great Reiki events throughout the country, as well as connecting with many like-minded practioners and teachers.


The Reiki News, which is the official newsletter of Reiki NZ Inc. is published four times a year. It is a high quality magazine full of  useful information, amazing stories and Reiki events. It also  provides an opportunity to advertise at a very reasonable cost.


As a member you can purchase professionally printed full-colour Reiki flyers and lapel pins with the Reiki NZ Inc. logo, at very reasonable rates.


The ‘Member of Reiki NZ Inc.’ logo is available for members to use in their promotional materials free of charge.  Members can also hire an attractive pull-up banner for Reiki events.


Teaching and practicing members receive many enquiries and referrals through the Reiki Teachers and Practitioners Directory on our website. Our Board handles several enquiries asking for recommendations for Reiki teachers each week and refers these potential Reiki students to the website Directory.


Reiki NZ Inc. offers members a number of teaching resources on the members’ section of the website. The Board and Regional Representatives are always happy to answer your questions. We have an active Facebook page with regular posts and links to articles. As a member you will be offered many learning opportunities from workshops, Reiki share groups, training, online events, retreats and attendance at our conference.


Support from the very dedicated Board most of whom have lots of experience and are actively teaching Reiki Masters.


The annual Membership fee is only $90 per year. There is a joint Membership option. Level 1 students pay a discounted rate of $30. Those aged over 65 can apply for concessionary membership at $40 a year (no website directory entry). If you do not wish to become a member you can subscribe to The Reiki News for $30 a year.


Reiki Practitioner members can access an extensive insurance policy for a very reasonable extra cost. 

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