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There are many Reiki practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A professional practitioner is generally someone who has completed training in and achieved at least Reiki Level 2.

Ideally a professional practitioner has trained in workplace first aid and keeps their certificate up to date.

A practitioner should abide by all the relevant laws of Aotearoa New Zealand as well as our Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice which they sign as part of the Reiki NZ Inc. membership contract.

One of the most important responsibilities as practitioner is confidentiality, which is clearly stated in the Code of Ethics.

As a client you will seek a compassionate, caring practitioner who works strictly within their qualification.

The practitioner’s clinic room should be comfortable, clean and safe, and all their certificates including their membership certificate and Code of Ethics, displayed.

A Reiki practitioner is able to clearly explain what Reiki is, what can be expected during and after treatments, and keeps treatment records.

A client will feel safe and cared for during the Reiki session, and the practitioner will be repectful of their clients’ privacy and personal space during the consultation.

The charges and fee structure should be clearly explained before the Reiki session starts.

Questions to ask a potential Reiki practitioner:


Q: How long and how much is a Reiki session?
Generally a Reiki session takes 1 hour.  Fees vary but are most likely to be between $50-$100.)

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A typical answer may be weekly to begin with, and then whatever frequency you choose.  The frequency varies from practitioner to practitioner. There is no right answer.)

Q: Where do you practice and when are you available?

Q: Are you a member of Reiki NZ Inc.?

Q: What is your type of Reiki (Traditional Usui or other)?

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